Can The Cloud Strengthen Business Continuity?

Cloud-based computing and the whole notion of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is becoming the most critical expertise for this era.  According to a survey, 73% of organizations fall victim to natural disasters and human-made disasters, including malicious hacking and malware. This negatively impacts business operations. It isn’t just enough to back up your data with traditional software packages; you need the cloud.

What is business continuity planning and disaster recovery?

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are procedures that assist organizations in preparing for natural and human-made disasters or incidents. These incidents could be a hurricane, tornado, or merely a power outage.  While no degree of preparation can avert an incident, when a disaster capable of completely halting business operations occurs, having a disaster recovery program and a business continuity plan can mitigate the attack and keep the business running.

What is the difference between disaster recovery & business continuity?

Although disaster recovery programs and business continuity plans appear similar, they are not the same thing. Disaster recovery programs are procedures that enable an organization to get all its critical IT infrastructure and business operations running after a disruptive event.

The event may be as catastrophic as an earthquake, Hurricane, terrorist attacks, a computer virus, supply chain partner problems, or power outage. Most business executives often tend to overlook their cybersecurity disaster recovery programs since disasters are seemingly improbable.

On the other hand, a business continuity plan is a more inclusive process that ensures that the entire organization is fully functioning following a catastrophic event. The aim is to ensure that the organization continues to make money, regardless of the size of the incident. This ensures that HR can easily access vital information, s, customer service representatives can access their CRM applications, and the marketing department can gain authentication to their stored graphics, etc.

How do cloud-based systems support business continuity?

Since cloud computing services profoundly depend on hardware virtualization tools, it helps organizations to speedily back up their sensitive information and data, operating systems, and applications to the cloud. With quicker uploads and downloads of significant computing features, comes faster recovery times and business continuity for the organization.

Need assistance with disaster recovery?

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