FBI Seizes WeLeakInfo Website

The FBI has seized the domain of WeLeakInfo.com — an online service that sold access to stolen data.


The not so subtle site described itself as a “search engine,” and for $2 per day, subscribers could conduct unlimited searches of data obtained from more than 10,000 breaches.  According to the Justice Department, the site was offering access to more than 12 billion user records.


WeLeakInfo’s extensive cache of stolen data made it the perfect site for hackers to perform reconnaissance on their targets.


Thankfully, with the help of authorities in Germany, Northern Ireland, the UK, and the Netherlands, the Department of Justice and the FBI were able to take control of the site.


So far, authorities have arrested two suspects in connection with the site.


But the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center is urging anyone with information about the site’s operators or owners to come forward.