Google Now Lets You Use Your iPhone as a Security Key

You can now use your iPhone as a security key for Google apps.


The latest update from Google’s Smart Lock app means iPhone owners can use their phone for two-factor authentication. Android users had this feature for a while, but now Google said it will bring the feature to iPhones, so at-risk users, like journalist and politicians, have additional account and security safeguards.


It’s worth noting that there are certain requirements for this feature to work. First, your phone needs to be running iOS 10 or later. Also, it only works in Google Chrome, and you must have Bluetooth on both your iPhone and computer.


Once you set it up for a Google account, your iPhone will have to be nearby for the authentication to work.


Two-factor authentication is still one of the best ways to secure your online accounts. And with this new upgrade, iPhones can now be used with Google’s Advanced Protection Program, which is Google’s strongest protection against phishing or other attacks.