Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

Chinese Linked ‘Cloud Hopper’ Campaign Was Worse Than Reported

An investigation by the Wall Street Journal revealed that the Chinese ‘Cloud Hopper’ campaign was much worse than originally reported.


‘Cloud Hopper’ is a global hacking campaign, carried out by Chinese-state sponsored hacking group APT10, that targeted several cloud providers and managed service providers.


The report from the WSJ, which focused on Hewlett Packard, revealed:

“Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. was so overrun that the cloud company didn’t see the hackers re-enter their clients’ networks, even as the company gave customers the all-clear.”


Other companies targeted by ‘Cloud Hopper’ include IBM, IT services firm Tieto, Canada’s CGI, among others.


Worse still, after gaining entry into the networks of cloud providers, the APT10 group was able to freely hop from one client to the next all while evading investigators attempts to “kick them out for years.”


The report also claims that after the campaign was discovered, many cloud companies tried to “stonewall clients about what was happening inside their networks.”


This is not the first time the ‘Cloud Hopper’ campaign has been in the news. In fact, after initial reports about the attacks surfaced, both the US government and the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre issued advisory’s about cloud hopper and APT10.


Last December, US prosecutors charged two Chinese nationals for their involvement in cyber attacks against American firms.


To read the full WSJ investigation, click here.