Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

Congress Approves New Bill to Fight Back Against Robocalls

Today, Congress took another step towards fighting back against robocalls by approving the TRACED Act.


TRACE, which stands for Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement Act, will give the government new powers to prosecute robocallers,  The Washington Post says.


Additionally, under the new law, mobile carriers have to “to adopt technology that’s supposed to help companies and consumers identify when calls are legitimate or spam. Carriers that implement this technology to block suspected, fraudulent robocalls also must offer people those services for free.”


It’s worth noting, however, that once approved, it will take months for changes to take effect. Even more, supporters of the TRACE Act agree that it isn’t perfect because it leaves several robocall issues unresolved.


But one thing is certain, over time, the new law will reduce the number of robocalls.


“It’s going to give law enforcement, the FCC, the tools to go after robocallers who break the law,” said Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (D-N.J.), the lead author of the legislation in the House.