Tue. May 26th, 2020

US Department of Justice Nabs Key Players in Evil Corp Hacking Group

On Thursday, the US Department of Justice indicted members of the Russian hacking group known as Evil Corp. The group developed and distributed the Dridex malware that’s responsible for stealing at least $100 million from banks.


Dridex was capable of evading common anti-virus software and was spread through email phishing campaigns.


Once infected, Dridex harvested login credentials from bank employees and customers, in over 40 countries, and sent the stolen funds to offshore accounts owned by Evil Corp.


Using a similar software known as Zeus, the group also stole an estimated $70 million. However, prosecutors believe that Evil Corps proceeds are likely “significantly higher.”


Two of the groups’ key members — Maksim V. Yakubets aka “aqua” and Igor Turashev.


In a statement, Assistant Attorney General Benczkowski, said:

“Maksim Yakubets allegedly has engaged in a decade-long cybercrime spree that deployed two of the most damaging pieces of financial malware ever used and resulted in tens of millions of dollars of losses to victims worldwide.”


Igor Turashev allegedly oversaw and development and distribution of the Dridex malware.


Both men were charged with computer hacking and fraud charges.