Tue. Aug 11th, 2020

Hacker Releases New ‘Unpatchable’ iPhone Exploit

A new exploit, dubbed Checkm8, can jailbreak all devices from iPhone 4S to iPhone X.


According to iOS hacker and cybersecurity researcher, Axi0mX, he released what he calls “permanent unpatchable bootrom exploit,” or in other words, the most epic jailbreak of all time.  Well, that’s if it doesn’t brick your device first.


Why? In a tweet, Axi0mX explained that “Jailbreak and tweak developers will be able to jailbreak their phones on the latest versions, and they will not need to stay on older iOS versions waiting for a jailbreak. They will be safer.”


So, how does this exploit work?


Wired reports:

“The jailbreak hinges on flaws in Apple’s “bootrom,” memory in the processor that contains the fundamental code that runs first when a device powers on. Axi0mX found the bootrom vulnerability by reverse-engineering and examining a patch Apple released in summer 2018 for the iOS 12 beta. Since bootrom is foundational to a system, such exploits can be used to create extremely powerful jailbreaks that don’t depend on vulnerabilities specific to a particular iOS version. Even if an older device is running the recently released iOS 13, it’s still affected because the chip inside it is vulnerable. Before today, the most recent known bootrom exploit for an iOS device was for the 2010 iPhone 4.”


Even more, since the bootrom exploits are hardware-level issues and cannot be patched without a hardware revision, a simple software update can’t address the newly released bootrom exploit.


However, it should be noted that Checkm8 exploit is not a full jailbreak with Cydia.