Fri. Jun 5th, 2020

Imperva Confirms Data Breach Impacting Cloud Firewall Users

On Tuesday, Imperva, a leading provider of Internet firewall services, alerted its customers to a data breach, which exposed email addresses, scrambled passwords, API keys and SSL certificates for a small number of users.


In a message posted to its website, Heli Erickson, director of analyst relations at Imperva wrote:

“On August 20, 2019, we learned from a third party of a data exposure that impacts a subset of customers of our Cloud WAF product who had accounts through September 15, 2017.”


Erickson went on to say that the breach only affects users of its Cloud WAF product.


Following the breach, Imperva notified impacted customers and has encouraged users to change the passwords for their Cloud WAF accounts.


Along with enlisting the help of forensic experts, the company said it has “informed the appropriate global regulatory agencies.”