Fri. Jun 5th, 2020

Programmers of Two Popular Streaming Services Accused of Piracy

On Tuesday, eight programmers behind popular streaming websites — Jetflicks and iStreamItAll — were charged with conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement.


In 2017, authorities launched an investigation into Jetflicks, which dates back to 2009, and iStreamItAll, which started in 2014. According to prosecutors, both services downloaded tens of thousands of television episodes and offered them to users for a subscription fee.


As a result of copyright infringement, the government is said to have lost millions of dollars.


The defendants are Kristopher Lee Dallmann, 36; Darryl Julius Polo, 36; Douglas M. Courson, 59; Felipe Garcia, 37; Jared Edward Jaurequi, 38; Peter H. Huber, 61; Yoany Vaillant, 38; and Luis Angel Villarino, 40. All are charged with conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement, a crime that carried a punishment of up to five years in prison.


Dallmann and Polo, the alleged managers of Jetflicks and iStreamItAll, face additional copyright infringement and money laundering charges that could put them in prison for many more decades.