Fri. Jun 5th, 2020

Layer 7 Weekly Round Up: June 24 Edition


1. U.S. targeted Iran’s Computer Systems

The United States military cyber forces launched a cyber attack on Iran last Thursday, targeting computer systems that control the nation’s rocket and missile launchers. A physical attack was planned for the same day, following Iran’s destruction of an unmanned US drone; President Donald Trump called off that strike, however.



2. Tensions between the U.S. and Iran could lead to retaliation against U.S. businesses

Government officials are reporting that U.S. businesses should prepare for a barrage of cyber attacks from Iran after the Trump administration launched an attack against the nation’s rocket and missile launchers.



3. Hackers use ‘zero-day’ bug to hit Coinbase employees

Two zero-day attacks on Firefox browsers were detected and then deflected by Coinbase security staff. The attacks targeted the company’s employees, not users.

4. Researchers discover vulnerability in Dell’s SupportAssist

Most Dell Windows PCs are vulnerable to remote code execution attacks, thanks to its SupportAssist application. This software is used for remote technical support. A young researcher discovered the issue thanks to ARP and DNS spoofing.


5. Cisco patches critical flaw in Data Center Network Manager

Cisco has released patches to fix a flaw in its Data Center Network Monitor (DCNM) software, which could allow hackers to remotely take over affected devices.



6. How biohackers are trying to upgrade their brains, their bodies — and human nature

This article by Sigal Samuel at Vox explores biohacking ( the attempt to manipulate your brain and body in order to optimize performance, outside the realm of traditional medicine). And answers nine questions you were probably too embarrassed to ask. — Vox