Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Checkers Restaurant Chain Discloses Data Breach

The drive-thru restaurant chain Checkers and Rally’s suffered a data breach.


In a security notice published on its website, the company said hackers planted malware on its payment processing systems. The malware was designed to collect information such as cardholder names, payment card numbers, card expiration dates, and card verification codes.


Luckily, not all Checkers restaurants were impacted. The company created a list, which includes the addresses of the affected restaurants and the dates during which the malware was active on the network.


The list includes the addresses of 102 drive-thru restaurants, operating under the Checkers or the Rally’s brands. The company said this amounted for 15% of all of its locations.


Although most of the impacted restaurants had malware installed on their systems between early 2018 and 2019, some restaurants were infected in 2017, and the earliest infection date was September 2016.


The company is currently investigating the breach and said it is “working with federal law enforcement authorities and coordinating with the payment card companies in their efforts to protect cardholders.” Additionally, Checkers urges customers to review their account statements and contact their local financial institution or card issuer if they discover any unidentified charges.