Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Industrial Giant Aebi Schmidt Hit by Ransomware

Aebi Schmidt, a manufacturing company, based in Europe, has been hit by a ransomware attack.


The media are reporting, that the company’s industrial network, including those in the U.S., was disrupted following the malware attack. Although the type of ransomware is still unknown, a source familiar with the situation said the company’s systems, including email and those necessary for day-to-day operations, were paralyzed.


Thomas Schiess, a spokesperson for the company, confirmed, via Facebook, a system outage, specifically “email trouble.” Schiess also said, “I can confirm that the availability of other systems was or may still be limited, our specialists are still working on resolving the issue, the cause is not yet clear,” he said, but would not comment further.


Aebi Schmit is the latest company to be hit with a ransomware attack.


Though it might be tempting, cybersecurity experts warn against paying the ransom, because there is no guarantee that the victim will get their data back. There’s also no guarantee that the organization won’t be hit with another ransonware attack.


Instead, to reduce the risk of a ransomware attack, organizations should always back-up their data and store the copies on a separate, secure network. Also, educate employees about the dangers of downloading, clicking, etc., content from unknown entities, and make sure all systems are up-to-date with relevant patches and networks are secure with antivirus and endpoint protection.