Fri. Jun 5th, 2020

Cyber Security Firm Hit by Ransomware Attack

According to a screenshot taken by a Verint employee, the Israel offices of US cybersecurity firm, Verint, have been hit by ransomware.


“There is currently a critical issue affecting the on-premise Email and Green zone VDI [Virtual Desktop Infrastructure] services,” read a warning message that was displayed earlier today on Verint employees’ computers.


Another message read:


“If you get a ransomware pop up, please turn off your machine immediately and notify The IT Help Desk. IT is working to contain and address the issue, including working with external resources.”


And finally, “we are working to have this addressed as soon as possible and will provide updates as appropriate,” the internal warning message read.


A spokesperson from Verint confirmed the incident to various Israeli new sites, in a statement saying, “the company’s defense system identified the attack immediately after it began,” a Verint spokesperson said, “and carried out the activity required to thwart it.”