Thu. Nov 26th, 2020

British Intelligence Find Defects in Huawei Security

On Thursday, British Intelligence released a report, which found significant problems with Huawei’s telecommunications equipment. The report chastised the Chinese company for failing to fix existing security flaws and, it also revealed new “significant technical issues.”


This is the second consecutive year that Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has identified serious security problems in Huawei’s hardware and servers. The problems cited include “significant technical issues” in the firm’s engineering processes, as well as “concerning issues” in Huawei software, “leading to new risks” in Britain’s 4G telecom networks.


Worse still is that GCHQ, which oversees a center that vets Huawei equipment for bugs and security vulnerabilities, said it can only provide “limited assurance” that the long-term national security risks can be managed in Huawei equipment deployed in Britain, and that “it will be difficult” to manage the risk of future products until current defects are fixed.


While the report did not call for an outright ban on Huawei equipment, its findings support the Trump administrations argument that Huawei, the largest maker of telecommunications equipment in the world, is a risk to national security.