Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

FedEx Unveils New Delivery Bot

Source: FedEx

Welcome to the future, a place where battery-powered autonomous robots deliver your packages–on the same day.  While the use of robots to deliver packages is not a new concept, it’s becoming more common. Start-ups do it, Amazon does it, and now FedEx is getting in on the action.

Today, the company officially announced its new SameDay Bot, which it says could help make “last mile” deliveries more efficient. The self-driving bot uses a combination of LIDAR sensors, like those found in self-driving cars and regular cameras, to steer itself around pedestrians and traffic and has a top speed of 10 mph.

FedEx says it will initially use the bot to courier packages between the company’s offices in its headquarters in Memphis (pending approval from local government). But if these trials are successful it wants to expand the service to other companies and retailers, eventually making robots a standard part of its same-day delivery service.