Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

LAYER 7’s 10-Tip Tuesday: E-mail Security

Here are 10 email security tips that have been on our minds during this December #Techsgiving season.

TIP 1: Make a note of who your VIPs and VAPs (see next tip) are to determine who in your company is most prone to being targeted for an email cyber attack.
TIP 2: Very Important Persons (VIPs) may not be the same as your Very Attacked Persons (VAPs), although, your VIPs may be included in your VAPs list.

TIP 3: Very Attacked Persons (VAPs) don’t have to be highly visible roles such as a

  • CEO
  • Board member, or
  • High-level or high-profile executive.

They can be anyone who has access to critical data, networks, and people.

They are even people in the company who other employees trust receiving emails from, such as a secretary or executive assistant.

TIP 4: Other VAPs may include employees who are a part of your proprietary product innovation teams such as product developers and product engineers.

TIP 5: Human resources directors and other human resources employees with access to many of your company’s employees and contactors’ sensitive files can be VAPs.

TIP 6: If you do not have the time to create a VAP list, use Layer 7’s  email security services which can monitor who in your company has been and is a targeted person for a cyber security attack against your business.

TIP 7: Email security is NOT just for medium and large businesses.  Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and independent consultants are targeted for attacks too.

 “VAPs of any small, medium, or large business are anybody who, if exploited, could cause great harm to your company.” 

TIP 8: Once again, we emphasize that small businesses need email security too.

TIP 9: VAPs of any small, medium, or large business are anybody who, if exploited, could cause great harm to your company.

In essence, they are targetted  people who could unknowningly serve as an attackers centralized hub to attack your company.

They are team members  with key access to your people, proprietary inventions, and sensitive file information.

They do not have to be of high rank, nor do they have to be of low rank.

They are people with access.

TIP 10: Today’s email security attacks don’t target technology first.  They target people first.

Know who your VIPs and VAPs are.


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