Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

Current Email Security Industry Concerns: Email Security Concerns after Quora and Marriott Hotels Cyber Security Data Breaches

Following the news of the major Marriott hotel brands data breach, “about 100 million users of Quora [a knowledge-sharing website] were affected by unauthorized access to one of its systems by a “malicious third party,” Reuters reported last night. 

Layer 7 Data Solutions has been using this year to hold quarterly cybersecurity events to educate small, medium, and large businesses on protecting the type of data, systems, and account information that have been attacked in companies such as Quora and Marriott.

For example, the unauthorize compromise of users’ account information which actually occurred last Friday has been reported by Quora to include email addresses.


This is a cause of concern since many people who use the Internet have been targets of spam, fraudulent phishing of sensitive information such as passwords / credit card details / passwords/ and usernames, and more in Quora’s case, beyond email, information reported stolen also included:

  • email addresses
  • names
  • encrypted passwords
  • votes
  • users’ public questions and answers
  • users’ comments
  • non-public direct messages, and even
  • data imported from linkednetworks.


“We are working rapidly to investigate the situation further and take the appropriate steps to prevent such incidents in the future,” Adam D’Angelo, the CEO and co-founder of Quora located in the Silicon Valley, wrote in Quora’s security updateblog post.

D’Angelo also stated that:

  • They are currently working to notify all users whose data is compromised.
  • They have logged out all Quora users who were potentially affected.

They are deactivating the passwords of Quora users who were potentially affected. Users will have to create a new password to log into theiraccounts.


Stay tuned as Layer 7 Data continues to follow breaking news in cyber security attacks.

Since email addresses were compromised, for more information on protecting your business’ account information, check out:

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