Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Guide to Global Digital Communications Compliance for Regulated Industries


Financial services, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and energy are some of today’s most regulated industries. And their compliance risks have only grown as modern business evolves. Your people work in more places, in more ways, across more channels. And you must comply with new rules that govern email, the web, social media, and more. Managing, supervising, and retaining it all has never been more complex – or critical – than ever.

Many regulated companies struggle to:

  • Identify where their business communications are taking place
  • Ensure that this content is captured and securely archived
  • Search and retrieve content for audits quickly and cost-effectively
  • Monitor and supervise workers who use these channels.

This guide outlines global regulations for digital communications and social channels. It arranges the rules by industry and by country for easy lookup. It also shows how Layer 7 Data Solutions along with our partner Proofpoint can help you stay compliant. Click here to read.

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