Tue. Jan 22nd, 2019

Supplementing the Security Limitations in Office 365

Office 365® offers a significant and useful set of productivity, collaboration and other services, it is not the only solution that most organizations will need to satisfy their archiving, data security, encryption, and in particular, their e-discovery requirements.  Office 365 should be considered as a starting point to deploy services from Microsoft and Technology Services company solutions should be used to supplement or replace the native capabilities within Office 365.

The capabilities of Office 365 are evolving rapidly, making it challenging to know when a particular capability offered in the various platforms will be adequate to meet specific organizational requirements. In short, the speed with which new features, functions and capabilities are introduced and modified makes it difficult for corporate decision makers to keep up with what Office 365 can do at any given point in time.  The rapidly changing nature of security threats makes it challenging to know if the specific capabilities within Office 365, and the periodic changes to them, will be adequate to address a particular organization’s security needs.

Layer 7 Data Solutions recommends that organizations seriously consider the native capabilities of Office 365 and deploy them where it makes sense to do so, but combine them with third party offerings to provide better functionality.  The result is that improved functionality and lower total cost of ownership can be achieved through a combination of lower cost Office 365 plans and third party tools to replace or supplement the native Office 365 functionality.  For more information on how to effectively secure your Office 365 environment, contact Layer 7 Data Solutions | Sales@Layer7Data.com.

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